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Through my work as a financial advisor, I have identified a clear and consistent process that aims to help my clients go from where they are now, to where they would like to be. This is my financial planning strategy and it consists of two distinct phases: onboarding and ongoing.



I like to think of the onboarding phase as creating the flight plan. We will start with a level set on where you are now by conducting a thorough review of your current situation.

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Then, we will work together to identify the goals & dreams you have yet to fulfill. That’s what we will work towards. For many, this is when the excitement is high, and they can begin to envision the life they are working to build.

Once we know where you are and where you’re headed, I will craft the financial plan that details step by step how we’re going to work towards getting from point A to point B. Every financial plan is unique and will involve a detailed look at your specific situation, along with recommendations that aim to deliver your ultimate goals.



Once the initial plan is laid, I like to imagine we are cleared for launch and will begin our flight together. This is when we move to the ongoing phase. The ongoing phase consists of four distinct steps that we will continuously move through: Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.


Our work together in the onboarding phase fulfills this first step, but it is almost a guarantee that we will revisit this step as time goes on. It’s best to imagine that your financial plan is a living and breathing document rather than a static, unchanging plan. This is where my financial expertise comes into play as I identify specific steps you can take and financial levers you can use to work toward your desired goals.


In the beginning, the bulk of our time together will be spent in the “Do” phase. This is where we will identify and take action on the most impactful areas of your financial life. This is the concrete action steps, the tax-saving recommendations, and the investment decisions implemented. A significant aspect of the do phase is my role as an accountability partner. There will be certain action items that you need to complete, but I will always be there to follow up and help you work toward success.


As a financial planner, this is where I shine. I continuously monitor, check, track, and ensure that every aspect of your financial plan is well-positioned. This consists of tax return reviews, estate planning reviews, and investment reviews. In addition, I will be checking in with you at each meeting to ensure that we are still moving in the direction you want.


Your life will inevitably change, and part of our work together will be adapting to these changes. As your life evolves, so will your goals, desires, and financial needs, and your plan will reflect these ongoing changes through each adjustment we make.

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A Partnership For Life.

A Partnership For Life.

As we strive to get your financial life sorted, planned, and optimized, life will inevitably change. Part of my financial planning strategy involves baking flexibility into the plan and welcoming new lifestyle, family, career, and legislative changes. Each one of these changes presents unique planning challenges and opportunities and involves a review of the initial plan and modifications along the way.

My entire financial planning strategy is designed with the aim to deliver your ultimate goals, using your money as a tool to get you there.

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